Validate Your GDPR Readiness

Is Your Privacy Program GDPR Compliant? OneTrust Can Help Demonstrate Compliance with the CCPA, GDPR and Other Global Privacy Laws.

Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), many companies have had to make significant operational changes in order to comply with new obligations. Specifically, the articles which make accountability an expressed obligation and states that controllers shall use only processors providing sufficient guarantees. Validating that these measures are in place is a challenge which is why OneTrust created an independent, third-party examination of your organization’s GDPR program.

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Demonstrate Your GDPR Validation Status

Compliance tools at your fingertips.
  • Review key compliance areas including DPIA processes, personal data breach response, and DPO functions, based upon the GDPR and the Article 29 Working Party guidelines
  • Automate and streamline the validation process
  • Audit key compliance areas of the GDPR using the OneTrust Assessment Automation tool

Get Your Validation Letter & GDPR Findings Report

  • Highlight the measures your organization has implemented to meet compliance
  • Get feedback and implementation recommendations from OneTrust's team of global certified privacy professionals
  • Receive an in-depth GDPR findings report with recommendations for identified gaps and risks
  • Obtain a GDPR Validation Letter to demonstrate Validation and readiness status

Additional Features

Receive In-Depth Reporting and Recommendations

Once the assessment is complete, our team of privacy professionals will review and analyze all supporting documentation to provide recommendations and validate your GDPR program.

Speed Through the Validation Process with Automation

Easily attach and share necessary GDPR program evidence with the OneTrust team of certified privacy professionals for review.

Not a OneTrust Customer? We Validate Any Business.

Any business, including those who do not use OneTrust solutions, can go through the process to earn the OneTrust GDPR Validation.