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Operationalize your ESG program with OneTrust. Centralize ESG data, measure and manage risk, and leverage ESGIQ™ Research to track key ESG topics and increase program impact

More than ever consumers, employees, and investors are making their decisions based on Trust, of which environmental, social, and governance principles, like climate change and diversity & inclusion, are critical elements. 

Organizations across the globe are quickly adopting ESG principles and creating reporting programs and need an efficient and unified way to track, measure, and report on their ESG goals and initiatives. OneTrust ESG helps sustainability officers, supply managers, CFOs, and other key stakeholders centralize information, align to frameworks, analyze risk, and report on their ESG programs. 

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Reduce Complexity and Accelerate ESG Data Gathering

  • Streamline ESG information gathering and collaboration 
  • Align to critical frameworks such as GRI, SASB, TCFD and the WEF Stakeholder metrics  
  • Deliver data and insights to boards, executives, and other stakeholders 

Assess & Address Internal Risks & Gaps

  • Leverage pre-built templates and risk logic to assess internal ESG goals and initiatives  
  • Flag and manage both internal and third-party ESG risk using pre-built assessment templates and a central third-party data exchange 
  • Measure and benchmark the maturity of your ESG program

Take Advantage of Embedded Expertise with ESGIQ™ Research

  • Stay up to date on the most recent news, laws, and guidance with OneTrust ESGIQ™ 
  • Receive actionable insights and suggestions to improve your ESG program 
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