Scan Your Website for Online Tracking Technologies 

Demonstrate GDPR Cookie Consent Compliance

The GDPR and ePrivacy standards requires businesses to inform visitors about cookies and tracking technologies on their websites and provide users with choice and control over their preferences. OneTrust makes it easy for companies to scan their website for cookies, create customized cookie banners, enable preference centers and auto-generate consent records to demonstrate compliance over time. Find out more about the cookie consent tool used by over 75,000 websites.

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Simplify the Identification of Your Website's Cookies

Automatically schedule cookie scans.
  • Automate cookie scanning of your website against CookiepediaTM, the largest database of pre-categorized cookies and third-party trackers
  • Generate detailed cookie list and get notified of changes to your website overtime to make necessary updates
  • Utilize reports for easy understanding of your website’s “privacy health”

Minimize the Impact of Your Customer's Experience

Customize your cookie consent banners to your brand.
  • Customize your banner using UI options and advanced CSS editing
  • Choose your consent model or customize your own
  • Determine who sees your cookie banner through reverse IP lookup
  • Personalize the banner to your visitor’s language preferences with language identification

Simplify Consent and Build Brand Trust

Customize your Preference Centers for better user experiences.
  • Leverage multiple, customizable consent approaches
  • Store consent preferences using industry standards such as IAB Europe Transparency & Consent Framework
  • Grant users greater control over their preference settings 

Additional Features and Support

Detailed Dashboards and Reporting Simplifies GDPR Compliance Management

Demonstrate GDPR compliance with records of consent, historical audit trails and view user-friendly summary dashboards for executive briefings.

Quickly Launch Your Cookie Banner with OneTrust Support

Deploy on your company’s website with sample code and developer help as well as additional integration and managed service options.