Prevent the Unlawful Sale of Behavioral Tracking Data via Cookie Management

Display various cookie consent notices to comply with CCPA-specific regulations

Personal information under the CCPA is broadly defined and includes internet or other electronic network activity information, unique identifiers, including cookies, and information regarding interaction with a website, application or advertisement. Know which tracking technologies are associated with a particular person to effectively comply with requests for information and deletion.

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Scan your Website Automatically

Detect cookies and other tracking technology used on your website
  • Generate a detailed cookie notice and provide a cookie preference center for visitors to granularly select which types of cookies they want to enable or disable.
  • Track do not sell requests by many unique identifiers, such as account number or device ID.
  • Create, edit, track, display and maintain records of your organization’s CCPA cookie notice.

Track Consumer Opt-Outs

Enable the CCPA’s consumer opt-out obligations and opt-in opportunities
  • Introduce flexibility into your cookie strategy with OneTrust’s geolocation technology to display different cookie banners based on location.
  • Categorize cookies to bundle those that involve the sale of persona information, then enable opt-out for only those specific cookies.
  • Re-engage opted out consumers after the CCPA’s 12 month period to gain back opt-in consent.

Leverage your Cookie Banner to Build Consumer Trust

Clearly communicate with customers about the sale of their information and ability to opt out.
  • Access cookie banner text recommendations and customization capabilities within the OneTrust Cookie Consent & Website Scanning Tool.
  • Maintain up to date records of consent via the OneTrust Consent & Preference Management tool.
  • Empower consumers to take more control over their settings, creating a better experience and more personalized marketing.

Additional Features

Comply with California Data Breach Law & Manage Incidents to Avoid Sanctions

OneTrust Incident & Breach Response enables your organization to configure a CCPA-specific response workflow to streamline response and quickly remedy a violation within the CCPA’s 30-day cure period.

Perform PIAs to Implement Privacy by Design Controls & Update Privacy Policies

OneTrust Assessment Automation offers updated Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs) including data minimization and purpose limitation considerations as outlined under the CCPA.

Update Data Inventory & Map for Increased Data Understanding

OneTrust enables data mapping that abides by the CCPA definition of personal information and offers a set of CCPA-specific attributes, such as browsing history, psychological trends, app interactions, and more –allto support efforts to map data and track personal information for CCPA compliance.

Respond to Do Not Sell Consumer Requests with Confidence

Under the CCPA, organizations must provide a clear consent mechanism. A conspicuous link titled, “Do Not Sell My Personal Information” is an example of this. OneTrust consumer rights management tool is equipped to streamline the intake, verification and fulfillment of requests for personal information.

Evaluate your Businesses CCPA Readiness

Validate your privacy program across key CCPA-specific compliance areas including consumer rights and business obligations. Uncover process gaps, improvement & unforeseen compliance requirements. A OneTrust team of experts will help train key privacy team members and assist with hands on proof-of-concepts. Then evaluate readiness across key CCPA compliance areas, including consumer rights and business obligations.